Aberystwyth Council

Aberystwyth Labyrinth

The labyrinth is an ancient archetype found in many art forms and cultures around the world. Early examples are believed to date back to as long ago as 4000 years. The most famous remaining intact labyrinth is that found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral, France which was constructed around 1200 AD. Pilgrims walked the symbolic journey to Jerusalem with a view to finding Christ at the Centre. However, in the last 15-20 years the labyrinth began to be used more broadly for meditation and spiritual purposes. lt can be used as a walking meditation or a way to finding your own spiritual centre.

The design and materials used to build the Aberystwyth labyrinth are reminders of two very important industries, which played a big part in the town many years ago. The wooden posts represent the masts of ships which were built and sailed the world from Aberystwyth. In May 1778 John Jones of Wrexham was granted a piece of the common, which this labyrinth now stands for the purpose of rope making. This area extended from Cambrian Tyres to North Road Clinic car park. The tree planted in the middle is a gift from our Twin Town of Kronberg, as a mark of our continued friendship.

Aberystwyth Labyrinth viewed from North Road.
Aberystwyth Labyrinth viewed from North Road.

There are many reasons to walk the labyrinth, including:

  • To give thanks
  • To relax
  • To dream
  • To seek guidance
  • To grieve a loss
  • To pray and to be with God

Whatever your reason, Aberystwyth Town Council wishes you an enjoyable experience.