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The Town

Aberystwyth is a lively coastal town centrally located on Cardigan bay. Although it is fairly isolated, the town has excellent services and amenities which includes a copyright library, a university, a general hospital, good bus and rail links.

Aberystwyth remains an Ancient Borough under the Borough Charter that was first bestowed upon the town by Edward I in 1277 and confirmed by subsequent monarchs including Edward III, Richard II, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Henry VIII and the present monarch Elizabeth II. Although the Borough Council was abolished in 1974, the Borough of Aberystwyth was not itself abolished and is held in trust by Aberystwyth Town Council under the Charters.

According to the 2011 census, Aberystwyth has a population of 18,965. The Council's remit covers many of the town's services, including:

The Council's Structure

The Council comprises 19 Councillors who represent the five wards of Aberystwyth. There is a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The Council operates on a committee structure which report to Full Council.

We are a Fairtrade Town.