Aberystwyth Council

Town Council Sponsored Bodies

Each year the Council issues grant funding to various local community organisations. In some cases, local groups can take over the Council's responsibilities, for example, Menter Aberystwyth deal with the town's tourism.

Menter Aberystwyth

Menter Aberystwyth is a regeneration partnership for Aberystwyth and its surrounding area. Their website can be found on http://www.menter-aberystwyth.org.uk/. Community Regeneration builds on the ethos of community and simply means that the people living in a defined area take direct actions to address issues affecting their community rather than have solutions imposed upon them.

Penparcau Community Forum

Penparcau Community Forum are a community-based organisation who actively engage with the community of Penparcau to develop sustainable and inclusive community activities and facilities for the benefit of all. They can be found on Facebook using the following link https://www.facebook.com/PenparcauCommunityForum/info/