Aberystwyth Council



  • Cllr Wendy Morris-Twiddy
  • Cllr Martin Shewring
  • Cllr Brenda Haines
  • Cllr Dylan Lewis
  • Cllr Sue Jones-Davies
  • Cllr Mair Benjamin
  • Cllr Ceredig Davies
  • Cllr Mererid Jones
  • Cllr Alun Williams
  • Cllr Steve Davies
  • Cllr J Aled Davies
  • Cllr Endaf Edwards
  • Cllr Lucy Huws
  • Cllr Jeff Smith
  • Cllr Kevin Roy Price


  • Cllr Brian Davies
  • Cllr Mark Strong

Minute 132: Declarations of Interest


Minute 133: Mayoral Report

Circulated to members

Minute 134: Minutes of a meeting of Full Council held on the 23rd December 2013

Its was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting.

Matters raised:

Minute 123: Mobility for the deputy mayor was raised, given the closure of Shopmobility in the near future. It was resolved to forward this to the General Management committee.

Matters arising from the minutes

  1. "Esquel'' to be added to town signs. Cllr Steve Davies is investigating. Signage denoting Aberystwyth is also required on the A44 approach into the town. Full council to review this matter. It was noted that there are at present 3 signs on the approach into town
  2. Letters have been sent to Hywel Dda health trust and the Welsh Government Health Minister regarding this council's stance on issues surrounding Bronglais hospital
  3. Minute 135: Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee held on 6/1/14



    • Councillor Endaf Edwards
    • Councillor Mererid Jones
    • Councillor Ceredig Davies
    • Councillor Kevin Roy Price
    • Councillor Sue Jones-Davies
    • Councillor Jeff Smith
    • Councillor Mark Strong
    • Councillor Lucy Huws
    • Councillor Brenda Haines
    • Councillor Steve Davies


    • Councillor Brian Davies
    • Councillor Mair Benjamin

    1. Correspondence The following correspondence was received from Cyngor Sir Ceredigion, regarding the following planning applications:
      • A130458 - refused
      • A130459 - refused
      • A130825 - approved
    2. To consider planning applications: Councillor Mark Strong did not vote in the meeting.
      • A130858
        Installation of new air conditioning unit Church Surgery, Portland Street, Aberystwyth
        No objection. We welcome the noise assessment of the air conditioning unit as below background noise.
      • A130929
        Footpath improvements to Pentre Jane Morgan and formation of crossing points in two locations to the new residential campus on Penglais Farm Penglais Farm / Pentre Jane Morgan, Clarach Road, Aberystwyth
        No objection. We welcome the replacement of trees and encourage the planting af native trees.
      • A130955
        Retention of replacement garage
        57 Maesheli, Penparcau, Aberystwyth
        No objection. It is our wish that the garage is not used as a business premises, in consideration of the interests of local residents. Further, Ceredigion County Council needs to ensure that there is no right of access issue as a result of the development as this has been a historical issue in Maesheli.
    3. Emergency motion Following the severe weather conditions on 3rd - 6th January 2014 with resulting flooding and damage to property along the promenade and seafront, the Committee considered the following:
      1. To send a note of thanks to the emergency services, voluntary organisations and Cyngor Sir Ceredigion staff for their work during the above period and send a press release to the Cambrian News
      2. To write to Ellen ap Gwynn (leader of Cyngor Sir Ceredigion) to ask whether they would be interested in a joint appeal to fund specific repair/replacement costs
      3. To express the Committee's concern over the financial implications for local residents, businesses and damage to listed buildings along the seafront
      The matter was deferred to the meeting ofthe General Management Committee to be held on 13th January 2014.

    It was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting.

    Matters arising from the minutes:

    Cllr Alun Williams gave an update on the promenade situation.

    Minute 136: Minutes of a Meeting of the General Management Committee held on 13/1/14



    • Councillor Ceredig Davies
    • Councillor Sue Jones Davies
    • Councillor Brenda Haines
    • Councillor Steve Davies
    • Councillor Kevin Roy Price
    • Councillor Aled Davies
    • Councillor Jeff Smith
    • Councillor Mererid Jones
    • Councillor Dylan Lewis
    • Councillor Alun Williams
    • Councillor Martin Shewring
    • Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy
    • Councillor Mair Benjamin


    • Councillor Endaf Edwards
    • Councillor Mark Strong

    1. Declaration of interest- None
    2. Report by Mr Tom Edwards re: decorative and Christmas lights. Maintenance and replacement issues with lights on seafront, length of lights approx 1 mile. Cost implication to be investigated, with options for replacement. Christmas lights; positive feedback from lights purchased in November. Some vandalism damaged occurred, unclear if covered by insurance policy. Report given on Christmas lighting infrastructure around the town centre. Analysis of money spent on lighting to be provided to finance committee by Cllr Mererid Jones. Ceredigion County Council inspected Christmas lights and connections before they were switched on. £350 bill being sent for the work by Ceredigion County Council. Size of Christmas tree to be revisited for next Christmas. Quotes to be obtained for replacement of town centre lights and seafront lights.
    3. Sea storm- Town Council response 250 volunteers helped to clear promenade on Saturday the 11th January. Ceredigion County Council surveyors currently assessing total cost of damage unclear when full funding will be obtained - burden likely to fall completely on the Welsh Government as UK Grant reluctant to apply for EU funding. Tanybwlch also needs work to be done and a clean-up operation. letter of thanks to be sent to Ceredigion County Council Highways department for their work to clear the storm damage.
    4. Furniture Storage: Still unclear as to how this will be resolved, furniture has come from former town hall chamber. Ceredigion County Council furniture to be evaluated, samples to be accessed on visit to storage unit in Ynyslas on January 23rd 2014.
    5. 11 Baker Street accommodation update: No further information to report sat present.
    6. Referrals from full council: None
    7. Outstanding Issues: The Mayor and Cllr Mererid Jones congratulated on organising the public meeting to discuss Bronglais Hospital on Friday lOth January 2014. Motions passed at meeting to be sent to relevant bodies and organisations ASAP.

      Nigel Callaghan a website developer has asked permission to copy information on Town Council website: Agreed.

      Twinning event to be organised ASAP

      Mayor making event/meeting to be discussed in detail at next month's GM meeting.

      Cllr. Ceredig Davies to meet with Ceredigion County Council officer Paul Arnold tomorrow (January 14th) to discuss allotments.

      Cllr. Jeff Smith circulated written SARPA report- Rail Users Group update.

      Cllr. Dylan lewis reported that Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Rail liaison Committee meeting

      due to take place on January 17th was now postponed until February 28th 2014.

    Matters arising from the minutes

    1. Cllr Ceredig Davies provided an update on the town's decorative lighting. He will make a
    Matters arising from the minutes

    Cllr Mererid Jones gave an update on the minutes

    Minute 138: Planning Applications

    1. Cllr Endaf Edwards notified members of a notification by Ceredigion County Council, of a consultation on the Local Development Plan, specifically with reference to the provision of affordable housing, with a deadline for contributions of late February. This matter will be discussed in the next planning committee.
    2. Cllr Endaf Edwards notified members of application A130994, which is a proposed 4-storey social housing development at the former Tabernacle site in Mill Street. The development will be considered further by the planning committee.

    Minute 139: Correspondence

    1. Mark Drakeford AM (WG Health Minister) - Response apologising for his absence from the public meeting on 10th January 2014, together with a copy of his letter to Rebecca Evans AM regarding ongoing issues in health provision.
    2. Jo Shaw, Ceredigion County Council - Explaining a new scheme for renewal of street signs around the town, with bilingual traditional-style signage.
    3. Gala Lights- Offer of a credit note. Council RESOLVED to ask for a refund instead.
    4. St Brieuc (Sant Brieg) - Condolences and good wishes for the town following the recent storm. Signed by the Mayor of St Brieuc (Sant Brieg).
    5. Rachel Mills, Ceredigion County Council - Letter to Community Councils in Ceredigion explaining the county council's offer of free trees.
    6. Other varied correspondence distributed to members present.

    Minute 140: Questions Relating Only to Matters in this Council's Remit


    Minute 141: Finance - To Consider Expenditure

    Following discussion, it was RESOLVED to make the following payments:-

    Jim GriffithsExpenses to attend occupation health appointment115.28
    Cllr Wendy Morris-TwiddyExpenses to Kronberg169.44
    E. Carl WilliamsWages 13/12/13 - 16/1/14495
    E. Carl WilliamsBelt for Dyson Vacuum Cleaner5.99
    New Schools (Penweddig)Hire of room for Bronglais public meeting27
    Cambrian NewsAdvertisement for Bronglais public meeting102
    Aberystwyth ElectronicsHire of P.A. for Bronglais public meeting72
    Cyngor Sir CaerfyrddinWages December 20135176.44
    Heledd DaviesTranslation of March 2012 minutes129.80
    Neuadd Goffa PenparcauHire ofroom for police station2500
    Delyth DaviesTranslation in November and December meetings118.75
    Konica MinoltaCounter credit 4/10/14-3/1/14 161.93
    Pitney BowesHire of franking machine55.60
    TME Electrical ContractingLoose catenary wires on promenade99.60
    TME Electrical ContractingChristmas tree lights1828.80
    Dr Karen KemishOccupational health support for Jim Griffiths80
    Cyngor Sir CeredigionChristmas gifts (for lighting ceremony)120
    BTLine rental and calls 99.19
    Aberystwyth Removals and Storage13 weeks storage of council furniture904.8
    Cost out of Cae Kronberg Skateboard Park account
    Freestyle SkateboardWork carried out on skateboard park13722

    Subject to correction of a spelling mistake, it was RESOLVED to accept the expenditure

    Minute 142: Verbal Reports from Ceredigion County Council Councillors

    Cllr Alun Williams provided an update on the activities of the Regeneration Area board. He note that Aberystwyth has been approved as a Business Improvement District, and that the town will proceed to the next stage ofthat process. The Plas Morolwg scheme considered. Extention given to Bandstand funding due to recent storm damage. Welsh Government Ministers Jane Hutt and Edwina Hart to visit promenade on Friday 31st January. It was not entirely clear whether all the funding for the promenade will be provided following the severe storm damage. A meeting would take place this week to discuss ongoing issues regarding enhanced services for the Cambrian lines. Ymlaen ceredigion "Keep Cosy" free energy issues scheme highlighted.

    Cllr Ceredig Davies reminded members of Ceredigion County Council Traffic Orders consultation in progress. Cllr Davies also gave an update on the construction work on Alexandra Road adjacent to the railway station.

    Minute 143: Written reports from outside bodies.

    A report on the Fair Trade Group was circulated.

    Minute 144: Central Ward Vacancy.

    The deadline for this ward was December 31st 2013. There was one declaration of interest from Mr Brendan Somers proposed by Cllr Mererid Jones and seconded by Cllr Alun Williams and then approved by all members of the Council except for one abstention. It was formally declared that e new member was co-opted for this council.

    Minute 145: Anti-Social Behaviour in Rheidol Ward.

    The Mayor gave an overview ofa recent public meeting which highlighted issues and concerns of the residents. The police encouraged reporting ofincidents using the 101 telephone service. There is yet another meeting to be held with the residents.

    Minute 146: Cambrian Railway Implementation Group.

    A report of a recent meeting was given by the Mayor. Information was given regarding a recent Cambrian Survey for the enhancements of the Cambrian line.

    Minute 147: Twinning Open Day

    A twinning open day is scheduled to take place on Saturday 22nd March to promote the twinning. activities ofthe three towns that Aberystwyth is twinned with. The committees ofthe respective twinned towns will undertake promotional activities.

    Minute 148: Cae Kronberg Skateboard Park

    Cllr Mereid Jones gave details of a Freedom of Information request. "Freestyle" the unsuccessful tender for the contract requested information about the winning bid from "Wheelscape". The tender information held by Aberystwyth Town Council was commercially sensative and should be released in line with due care under the Freedom of Information Act provisional.

    Minute 149: Appointment of temporary Deputy Responsible Finance Officer (RFO)

    Cllr Mererid Jones had sought legal advice to determine the appointment of a temporary Deputy RFO. Carl Williams was recommended as first choice and agreed by members.

    Minute 150: Staffing Matters

    Statutory provision read to the meeting by the Mayor to exclude the press and members ofthe public. Statutory provision was agreed by members. Members were informed that Miss Carole Prime would return to work next week 3rd February. Miss Prime would be required to attend a formal return to work interview.