Aberystwyth Council




  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Dr. Endaf Edwards (Maer/Mayor)

Y Cyngh./Cllr. Brendan Somers (Dirprwy Faer/Deputy Mayor)

  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Brenda Haines
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Ceredig Davies
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Martin Shewring
  4. Cyngh./Cllr. Sarah Bowen
  5. Cyngh./Cllr. Wendy Morris
  6. Cyngh./Cllr. Talat Chaudhri
  7. Cyngh./Cllr. Mair Benjamin
  8. Cyngh./Cllr. Jeff Smith
  9. Cyngh./Cllr. Lucy Huws
  10. Cyngh./Cllr. Mark A. Strong
  11. Cyngh./Cllr. Mererid Jones



  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Alun Williams
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Steve Davies
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Brian Davies
  4. Cyngh./Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies
  5. Cyngh./Cllr. Kevin Price

The Mayor welcomed everyone to the meeting including the translators and the reporter from the Cambrian News.


Minute 80

Declaration of Interest on matters arising from the Agenda


Minute 81

Personal References


Minute 82

Mayoral Report

The Mayoral activities report since the last meeting of the Full Council was circulated to Members.

It was noted by the Deputy Mayor that he had Deputised for the Mayor at two events – one by MIND Aberystwyth and one by FfotoAber. It was noted by Members that these two events were a major success and it was good to see Council representatives there.

Minute 83

Before going through the Minutes the Mayor noted that this was the first time for the Council to accept bilingual Minutes at the same time and for the Members to be aware of this, although the Minutes have already been accepted.


Minute 84

Matters arising from the Minutes

i) Minute 69(17i)Correspondence

It was brought to Members’ attention that Mr David Jenkins had sent a letter to the Cambrian News asking if anyone was interested in setting up an Arklow Twinning Committee, in Partnership with the Town Council, to contact him.

ii) Minute 70 (11) Review of Standing Orders

A draft has been completed and the intention is for them to be circulated before the November meeting of Full Council but the Terms of Reference of all the different committees must be received before then. It was emphasised that it was a revision of the existing Standing Orders that’s required and not to create new ones.

 iii) Minute 74  Proposal of sympathy, support and shelter for Syrian refugees

It was noted that 12 individuals were coming to Aberystwyth and accommodated in private houses, in the centre of town. Ceredigion County Council was congratulated that this had occurred before Christmas. A Member noted that however commendable this is, that the homeless, those with disability and veterans should be catered for too; and if there are endeavours to help them, then the public should be notified of this. It was noted by a Member that had been in a meeting with the Syrian Relief Society that this charity emphasises the importance of restoring houses to all people who are in need. In Ruabon empty houses are used for this purpose and the people of that town have come together to implement this. It was noted that Ceredigion Council has no intention of placing the refugees in social housing.

iv) Minute 75 Proposal to produce bilingual minutes

It was suggested that Roman numerals should be used rather than Welsh or English letters of the alphabet in sub-points. It was RESOLVED to accept the suggestion.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendments.


Minute 85


Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee held in Siambr y Cyngor, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday, 5 October 2015 at 6.30p.m.


  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Jeff Smith (Cadeirydd/Chair)
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Lucy Huws (Is-Gadeirydd/Vice-Chair)
  3. /Cllr. Mair Benjamin

Cyngh/Cllr. Endaf Edwards

  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Talat Chaudhri
  2. /Cllr. Brendan Somers
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Brian Davies
  4. /Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies
  5. /Cllr. Steve Davies
  6. Cyng/Cllr. Kevin Price



  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Mererid Jones
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Wendy Morris
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Alun Williams



  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Ceredig Davies
  1. Datgan Diddordeb/Declaration of Interest

Cllr. C. Davies on eitem 4 (ii) correspondence

A150699: 23 Heol y Wig/23 Pier Street Cllr. S. Jones-Davies


  1. Correspondence

i)  It was reported that planning application A150103: 51 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth, had been WITHDRAWN.

ii)  A letter from the Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) enclosing a document briefing Local Authorities regarding the proposed devolution of power to set trading hours for large stores. A discussion followed with members expressing their thoughts that this would disadvantage smaller stores and could create added burdens on staff in terms of changes to their working hours and transport problems. It was proposed to approach the Chamber of Trade to ask for their opinion and if they would want the Town Council to write to different relevant bodies to oppose this measure. Specific questions may be asked such as (1) how would it affect family life (2) how would it affect workers who would like to attend church/chapel (3) how would it affect transport arrangements of workers. It was RESOLVED to do this.


  1. To consider Planning Applications

A150666 & A150667: Swyddfa’r Sir

Change of use from B1/mixed community use to 31 bed Hotel, Spa and 39 apartments

It was noted that this was a good enterprise and exciting development to utilise for conferences during University and colleges’ term-time. It was noted that Natural Resources Wales should be contacted regarding the dangers of the lower floor. But it was agreed that the Local Authority would be in contact with this body. A vote was taken as to whether the Town Council should query parking issue. The Chair had a casting vote and he voted against. It was RESOLVED to welcome this exciting development as an outline proposal that would benefit Aberystwyth.


A150679: Fflat 1, 59 Glan y Môr/Flat 1, 59 Marine Terrace

Rear extensions and alterations to existing ground floor flat

It was RESOLVED that there would be No Objection but Aberystwyth Town Council would like to see cast iron guttering used for this listed building


A150684: Llys yr Hen Ysgol, Ffordd y Gogledd/Llys Hen Ysgol, North Road

Creu mynediadau newydd gan gynnwys lifft newydd a mynediadau ramp i’r adeilad a gwaith cysylltiedig

Creation of new accesses with the inclusion of new lift and ramp accesses to the building and associated works


PENDERFYNWYD derbyn y cais. Mae’r Cyngor Tref yn croesawu’r datblygiad.

It was RESOLVED to accept the application. Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the development


A150657: 7 Bath Street

Change of use of house (formerly used as a HMO) to 3 self-contained flats comprising: x1 studio flat on ground floor; x2 bedroom maisonette on ground and first floor and 1 x 2 bedroom maisonette on first and second floor

It was noted that the expectation is that all flats should have access to an external area for bicycles and waste. It was RESOLVED to object due to the lack of arrangements for waste storage. Every flat should have access to the outside space for waste and leisure


A150699: 23 Pier Street

Change of Use from an existing retail use into a mixed use of retail coupled with a Cafe/Restaurant/bakery

It was agreed that the development was welcomed and that Aberystwyth Town Council supported a local family run business expanding. It was noted however that residents at the back of the property may experience some disruption due to noise from extractor fans; it was noted also that a disabled access may be favourable; the area allocated for children is an excellent idea. It was RESOLVED to support the application providing it would not affect the well-being of the nearby houses (there are several at the back). Aberystwyth Town Council would welcome also a consideration for - access to disabled people to the first floor if  at all possible; the area allocated for children is an excellent idea and Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes a family business expanding.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendments.


Minute 86


Minutes of the General Management Committee held in Council Chamber, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth on Monday, 12 October 2015


  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Ceredig Davies (Cadeirydd/Chair)
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Mair Benjamin
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Sue Jones-Davies
  4. Cyngh./Cllr. Brenda Haines
  5. Cyngh./Cllr. Wendy Morris
  6. Cyngh./Cllr. Brian Davies
  7. Cyngh./Cllr. Jeff Smith
  8. /Cllr. Mark Strong
  9. Cyngh./Cllr. Alun Williams


  1. /Cllr. Kevin Roy Price (Is-Gadeirydd/Vice-Chair)
  2. /Cllr. Brendan Somers
  3. /Cllr. Talat Chaudhri
  4. /Cllr. Endaf Edwards


  1. Cllr. Mererid Jones


  1. Declaration of Interest


 4    Correspondence

i) An e-mail was received from a member of the public enquiring about the best way to ‘adopt a bench’ in Aberystwyth by placing a plaque on a bench as a memorial.

It was noted that this sort of thing should be encouraged. It was RESOLVED to ask the person, whether they had any particular bench and location in mind?

ii) An e-mail was received form Amethyst/Horticulture company advertising their flowers for towns. It was RESOLVED to respond noting that the Council was not currently looking for flowers.

iii) A copy of a letter sent by Gerwyn Jones (9/4/15) which was an attachment to an e-mail sent by him (9/10/15) discussing payment for cleaning the promenade and beaches of Aberystwyth. The Chair of the Finance Committee noted that a quote of £3,500 had been received from Ceredigion County Council for a period of 10 weeks of work and it was decided to agree to this at the time as the work had been undertaken. It was RESOLVED that it was acceptable for them to send an invoice for this work.

iv) An e-mail was received from the Arklow Regional Administrator thanking for the latest news about the Twinning of both towns. It was noted that the Celtic Challenge would be held in Aberystwyth in 2016. It was RESOLVED to send the e-mail to Mr David Jenkins.


  1. Organising the switching on of the Christmas Lights

The date is - Friday, 27 November 2015.

It was reported that arrangements were in hand with the Highways Agency to close Bridge St, High Street, New St and Pier St; and once the procession has passed, Bridge St will re-open, with the bottom of Great Dark-gate Street closed during the whole event due to the number of people present last year. Menter will co-ordinate the events and they would be very pleased to have the help of Councillors as Stewards. It was noted that the arrangements were operational and developing.

Baker St will be closed during the evening. Menter is organising some stalls and they will have a list of entertainers. Menter has been leafleting shops to encourage them to open late. The Chair reported that Barclays and TSB banks would be joining in and using their own lights.

It was noted that there was a need to be careful with insurance for the stalls on Baker St; there will be a need to make sure that there is plenty of electricity in the generator; there will be a need to contact the chapels to get them to join in and to notify them of the event.

The Chair noted that arrangements were in hand for the Memorial Garden in Penparcau to get Christmas lights. An additional suggestion was made by a Member towards the celebratory arrangements that a live reindeer could be hired. It was RESOLVED to ask MENTER to contact a company from Lampeter which hires out live Reindeers.


  1. Allotments

It was strongly outlined that plants were growing out of fences on allotments in 5th Avenue along the path. It was noted that the cycle path should be widened for the safety of walkers.

It was reported that there was a move to lease the old bowling green in Plas-crug Avenue from the University and thereby to co-operate with them in order to utilise the space as allotments there. It was noted that ‘himalayian balsam’ had started to grow in Caeffynnon Allotment. The Chair said that all matters would be discussed at the joint meeting with representatives of Aberystwyth Town Council and the Allotments Committee held on Thursday, 15 October at 6.30p.m. at Siambr y Cyngor.


  1. North Road Labyrinth

There are Poplar trees growing on the boundary with the Bowling Green and Cambridge Terrace. They are a permanent problem due to the nature of the growth of this type of tree. A proposal was made that the trees could be felled gradually and for other trees to be planted in their place which will need to be trimmed regularly. It was suggested that a tree-surgeon be contacted and to get rid of the saplings. It was RESOLVED to find out how much it would cost to cut a trench and put up a barrier.


  1. Fire Safety Signs

Cllr. Jeff Smith reported that they had been ordered from the office.


  1. Trefechan Plaque

Cllr Jeff Smith reported that an order had gone from the office to James Memorials.


  1. Honour Boards

This matter is in hand and the quote is on its way.


  1. Any Other Matter

i) Christmas Lunch for the Elderly. It was RESOLVED to hold it on Wednesday, 16 December; for 120 people; and for the Clerk to contact three local hotels for prices.

ii) A question was asked regarding where the wooden sign was in the station that the Council owned? It was reported that Rheidol Railway Company had undertaken the work of repairing it and that everything was in order.

iii) It was enquired whether it would be appropriate to ask for just one dog fouling bin on the road towards the middle of Felin-y-Môr. It was RESOLVED to send a letter to Mr Paul Arnold from Ceredigion County Council.

iv) It was noted that MIND Aberystwyth was holding a multi-cultural event between 11.30-2.30 at Morlan on Saturday, 17 October 2015. It would be good if Councillors could attend to show their support.

v) Alistair would come and fetch the remaining furniture on Tuesday 13 October 2015.

vi) It was reported that a copy of the “Great Town Award” plaque had been framed and was awaiting collection.

vii) An idea was brought up regarding adopting flower pots for the Train Station. Network Rail provides grants for people to do this. It was RESOLVED to contact Network Rail to express desire to collaborate with them in their Adopt a Station scheme and to ask whether they could give the Town Council a grant.

viii) The Chairman noted that he would resign from the Chair after the last meeting of the year.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendments.


Minute  87

Minutes of the Finance and Establishment Committee held in Siambr y Cyngor, 11 Baker Street, on Monday, 19 October 2015 at 6.30p.m.


  1. Cyngh./Cllr.Mererid Jones (Cadeirydd/Chair)
  2. Cyngh./Cllr. Brenda Haines
  3. Cyngh./Cllr. Ceredig Davies
  4. Cyngh./Cllr. Brendan Somers
  5. Cyngh./Cllr. Wendy Morris
  6. Cyngh./Cllr. Endaf Edwards
  7. /Cllr. Mark A. Strong



  1. /Cllr. Mair Benjamin
  2. /Cllr. Brian Davies
  3. /Cllr. Alun Williams



  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Jeff Smith


  1. Datgan Diddordeb/Declaration of Interest



  1. Materion a gyfeiriwyd o’r Pwyllgor Rheolaeth Cyffredinol/Matters referred from the General Management Committee

Gwerthuso dyfynbris Byrddau Anrhydedd/Evalution of Honours Board Quotation.


PENDERFYNWYD derbyn y dyfynbris gan Mr. A.M. James i wneud, gosod a   gorffen 2 Fwrdd Anrhydedd ac i gysylltu gydag ef i fynd yn ei flaen gyda’r gwaith.

It was RESOLVED to accept the quote from Mr. A.M. James to make, install and finish 2 Honours Boards and to contact him to inform him to proceed with the work.


ii) Gwerthuso prisiau Cinio Nadolig i’r Henoed/Evaluation of prices for the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Dinner.

PENDERFYNWYD derbyn y dyfynbris gan Westy’r Marine ac i’w  ffonio rhagblaen i gadarnhau’r dyddiad a’r pris.

It was RESOLVED to accept the quote from the Marine Hotel and to phone them immediately to confirm the date and price.


iii) Evaluation of quotations for tree work at Queen’s Road.

There was disagreement about the matter and it was RESOLVED that Cllr. Mark Strong would take the lead on the matter and would look for quotes for alternative ways of dealing with the trees.


  1. Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales, Draft

Annual Report – February 2016.

The potential proposed changes to remuneration for members of Community and Town Councils were discussed:

i) It was RESOLVED to set an Allowance of £400 for the Deputy Mayor to be used when claiming allowances with receipts.

ii)  It was RESOLVED to develop a policy to permit a payment of an Allowance for the care of dependents where necessary in order to allow members to attend meetings.


  1. Approval of accounts to the end of September 2015.

i)  Night-time Economy: The amount of money given to this venture was questioned. The Chair emphasised here the importance of the reports of Members who are on external bodies in order for all Members to undertake an assessment of value for money.

ii)  Remembrance Sunday: It was RESOLVED that Cllr. C. Davies will check whether the appropriate roads will be closed on the day.

iii)  Kronberg Park: The Chair noted that the Lottery Application had been approved to proceed to the next stage of the process of awarding a grant.

It was RESOLVED to accept the Accounts.


  1. External Auditors’ Report 2014-15

It was noted and accepted.


  1. Risk Register

It was reviewed and approved.


  1. Correspondence

i) A letter from Penparcau Community Forum Ltd. requesting funding from the Town Council to fund fees for additional work from architects for plans for Ceredigion Planning Authority. The plans will include ‘Forum/Office Space, Reception Space and Space for History/Heritage Exhibitions’. It was noted that the application had been discussed last January when the Forum came to see the Council and that the Town Council would have to have the full application for the year at the beginning of the year from now on in order to ensure fairness for all applications received. It was RESOLVED to consider offering them a loan for the Architect’s fees - provided that they re-pay it either from the grant awarded or from a grant in the subsequent year. It was RESOLVED to request representation from the Forum to attend the next Finance Meeting to discuss why the request had arisen and how they could re-pay it; there will also be a need for current accounts showing the current bank balance and how much grant has been received to date.

ii) A letter from Penparcau Community Forum Ltd. enclosing two quotes for renovation by painting the Notice board outside the Co-op in Penparcau and asking the Town Council for funding to undertake the work. The original decision in October 2014 was that the Council would pay for the paint if volunteers would fund the labour. It was RESOLVED to refuse the request.

iii) A letter from Penparcau Community Forum Ltd. enclosing two quotes to renovate the First World War memorial in Penparcau. The Forum want to proceed quickly with the work. It was RESOLVED to accept the cheapest quote.

iv) A letter from Penparcau Community Forum Ltd requesting a sum of £150 towards the cost of their Christmas tree this year in Penparcau. It was RESOLVED to contribute this amount provided that it can be assured that they provide a better tree than last year.


  1. Any Other Business

i) It was noted that a cheque of £750 had been received by the Town Council for 20 chairs and a large oak table.

ii) It was noted that an offer of £100 had been received for 10 ‘new’ chairs which were used in the Chamber before the relocation.

iii) Arrangements for the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Dinner


  • to charge the Senior Citizens £4.00;
  • to place an advertisement for one week in the Cambrian News;
  • to check the electoral roll for every ward;
  • to print 120 tickets;
  • to book entertainment;
  • The Councillors to pay the full amount with the exception of those who are Pensioners;

      vii) To go around looking for raffle prizes from local businesses.


It was RESOLVED to accept the Minutes with the foregoing amendments.


Minute 88

Planning Applications

A150727: Conversion of existing dwelling into 3 apartments;  Glascoed, 6 Elm Tree Avenue


A150788: Remove condition 3 of planning permission to A140102; Bronglais Hospital



Minute 89

Questions relating ONLY to matters in this Council’s remit.



Minute 90

Finance – consider the expenditure

Payments by Aberystwyth Town Council – 26-10-15



  1. Cyngh./Cllr. Kevin Price Nwyddau â ddefnyddiwyd i ddatgymalu’r partisiwn              58

                                                         yn Siambr y Cyngor/Materials in connection with

             dismantling of the partition in the Council Chamber


  1. LL.C./O.V.W. Hyfforddiant ar ‘Sgiliau Cadeirio’ i 5 Cynghorydd/    140.00

Training on ‘Chairing Skills’ for 5 Councillors                         


  1. LL.C./O.V.W. Hyfforddiant ar ‘Y Cyngor fel Cyflogydd’ i 1                           35.00             

Cynghorydd/ Training on ‘The Council as an

Employer for 1 Councillor             


Cyngh/llr. Brian Davies                   Costau teithio i gwrs Hyfforddiant ar ‘Y Cyngor fel                33.60

                                                          Cyflogydd’  i Rhydaman/Travelling Expenses for

 Training Course with OVW in Ammanford


Cyngor Sir Gâr                                   Cyflog  mis Medi/Salary for September                                              1,748.66


Cyngor Sir Ceredigion                     Gwaith clirio a gwaredu gwydr toredig yn MUGA                24.28

                                                                For the clearance/disposal of smashed glass at MUGA


Konica Minolta                                  Tâl Llungopio/Photocopying Charges                                       83.60                                     

  1. 07.15 – 03.10.15


Konica Minolta                                  Rhentu Llungopïydd/Photocopying Rental                                            444.02

04.10.15 – 03-01.16                                                        


Festive Christmas                            Goleuadau Nadolig/Christmas Lights                                      2,455.20


Lowri Schiavone                               Cyfieithu am y cyfnod 27.05.14 – 12.10.15/                          1,150.16

Translation  for the period 27.05.14 – 12.10.15


Pitney Bowes                                    Rent am y Peiriant Ffrancio/Rental for Franking                                    59.73     



BDO                                                       Archwiliad Blynyddol am y flwyddyn ariannol yn               828.00

diweddu 31 Mawrth 2015/Auditing the annual

return for year ending 31 March 2015


1415 Limited                                       4 Baner  Cymru/4 Wales Flag                                                         244.08

A Burrell                                               Ffrâm a Mownt/Frame and Mount                                              24.00

Cllr. M. Benjamin                                    Travelling Expenses to OVW meeting in Aberaeron                9.90

Cymdeithas y Cymod                     90 Pabi Gwyn                                                                                 18.00

The Payments were Approved by the Council.

Minute 91

VERBAL reports from Ceredigion County Councillors on matters ONLY pertaining to this Council.

It was reported by Cllr Mark Strong that he had attended the Prosperous Communities Scrutiny Committee where there had been a discussion about how the Development Plan was being implemented. The County Councillors at this committee had noted that there had been a significant decrease in the population of Ceredigion and how, therefore, this would affect the communities. It was noted that Ceredigion County Council did not get enough power to make changes because power had not been fully devolved. In future it might be possible to ask an Officer from the County Council to come to speak with the Town Council on the topic. Cllr Mark Strong noted that the recent press release regarding refugees coming to Ceredigion was pioneering and showed empathy with our fellow men. It was noted in the press release that Ceredigion had decided to accept the Home Office’s invitation to be a Trailblazing Authority in supporting the refugees from Syria. It was expected that the first refugees would arrive in Aberystwyth before Christmas.

It was noted that there had been a discussion about bus stops generally in the County Council and there was a need now to contact them regarding how to purchase a replacement shelter in Penparcau. Cllr Mererid Jones offered to contact Mr Steve Williams of Ceredigion County Council.

Cllr Ceredig Davies reported that Ceredigion County Council had directed consultants to contact various groups in the town as part of the schemes to charge for parking along the prom. Aberystwyth Town Council would have an opportunity to see and make observations on the matter in the near future. At this point, a question was asked regarding where the County Council had reached with the Business Improvement District.  Cllr Mererid Jones noted that nobody had contacted businesses in Penparcau or the National Library of Wales.


Minute 92

WRITTEN Reports from representatives on outside bodies

 1.Cllr Jeff Smith - Meeting of the Greener Aberystwyth Group Committee held on 4 September 2015. One member responded by saying that there was concern that contractors had damaged trees near Padarn Surgery and that a cage could be put around the trees and use a strimmer.

  1. Cllr Jeff Smith - Dyfi Biosphere Meeting, held in Machynlleth on 12 September 2015.
  1. Cllr Jeff Smith - Annual Meeting of SARPA held in Machynlleth on 10 October 2015.
  1. Cllr Mair Benjamin - One Voice Wales Ceredigion Area Meeting held in Penmorfa, Aberaeron on 14 October 2015.

A Report was received on a meeting between the Allotments Association and the Town Council held in the Council Chamber on 15 October 2015. The Chairman of the General Management Committee noted that the report had been circulated in order for all Council Members to be aware of the responsibility on the Council following adopting the Allotments from the County Council in April 2015. He drew attention to two important points from the Report namely (i) should some of the large allotments be divided in order to have more allotments to offer? and (ii) some of those who have allotments do not treat their sites and they should be warned in writing that if they do not take care of their allotments there would be an opportunity to offer them to those who are on the waiting list.


Minute 93


i)   A letter from Llanbadarn Fawr Community Council stating that they were interested in establishing a Forum jointly with Aberystwyth County Council regarding Planning. It was said that four Councillors would represent Llanbadarn Council.

ii) A letter from Faenor Community Council stating that they were interested in establishing a Forum jointly with Aberystwyth Town Council regarding Planning. It was said that the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of Faenor Council were interested in principle in attending a proposed meeting of the Forum regarding forthcoming changes to the Planning procedure

iii) A letter from Ramblers Wales acknowledging a letter (6-10-15) from the Town Council regarding the Status of Aberystwyth as a ‘Walkers are Welcome’ town. A committee would be held by them at the beginning of December and they will be sending a full response after that meeting.

iv) A letter from Huw Williams, Head of Lifestyle Services, Ceredigion County Council acknowledging a letter (6-10-15) from the Town Council inviting him to give a presentation on the County Council’s responsibility on problems regarding dog fouling. Following the ensuing discussion, namely that the County Council had a duty of care to ensure that dog fouling should not affect the public, a proposal was made that the Town Council should think of alternative ways to get to grips with the matter by possibly producing information/educational leaflets, and signs which would raise awareness of the dangers and mess it causes. An amendment was made to the proposal namely to refer the matter back to the General Management Committee.

It was RESOLVED to do this.

v) A letter from Jean Guézennec from St. Brieuc gratefully acknowledging the ‘Freedom of the Town’ award he had received recently.

vi) An e-mail from Arriva Trains Wales - Case Reference ATW - 151021-83W acknowledging the correspondence involving adopting flower pots for Aberystwyth Train Station. It was RESOLVED to refer the letter to the General Management Committee.

vii) An e-mail from Chris Ashman, accepting the invitiation to give a presentation on the Well-being of Future Generations Act. It was RESOLVED to invite him to the next meeting of the General Management Committee, 9 November 2015.

viii) An e-mail from Cambrian Trees regarding the green decorations which do not use electricity. It was RESOLVED to refer the matter to the next meeting of the Christmas Decorations sub-committee held on Friday, 6 November 2015.

ix) A note from the Secretary of Macmillan thanking the Mayor for opening the coffee morning held at Capel Seion, Baker Street on 24 Setpember 2015 and for his kind contribution to the cause.

x) A general letter from Hywel Dda Health Board providing information on behalf of the Mental Health Project Group which is a newly established group.

xi) The 2014-15 Annual Report of Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch.

xii) Community and Town Councils Manifesto, from One Voice Wales.

xiii) An e-mail from Cynnal y Cardi notifying of the launch of ‘Assistance for Local projects in Ceredigion. It was RESOLVED to consider it at the next Finance Committee, 16 November 2015.

xiv) A letter and leaflets from Hywel Dda Health Board listing the dates of a series of events held in different communities across Ceredigion.