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Present::Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Councillor Dylan Lewis

Councillor J Aled Davies

Councillor Jeff Smith

Councillor Endaf Edwards

Councillor Brenda Haines

Councillor Ceredig Wyn Davies

Councillor Mererid Jones

Councillor Brian Davies

Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Alun Williams

Councillor Carys Morgan 

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Mair Benjamin

Councillor Martin Shewring


Apologies:Councillor Mark Strong

Councillor Steve Davies

Councillor Chris Griffiths


Minute 47

Declarations of Interest for matters arising from agenda items

Councillor M Shewring- Accounts

Councillor W Morris-Twiddy- Accounts.


Minute 48

Cae Kronberg- Urgent update

The Town Clerk updated members on recent developments regarding the potential funding failure of the Cae Kronberg project.

The Minister had recently redirected funding to Job Creation and new housing schemes.

It would appear that a number of projects earmarked foir RA funding would be affected. These included the Town Clock plaza area and the revamping of the promenade paddling pool.

He added that talks with the big lottery fund were due to take place on Monday 19th August and that following that meeting there may well be a revised bid to the lottery for full funding following the refocusing of expenditure by the Welsh Government.


Minute 49

Personal References

The Mayor welcomed the new Cambrian News reported Mr Chris Buckley to his first meeting.

She also congratulated Councillor Aled davies on the success of the Queens Road labyrinth project.

Councillor Alun Williams asked for a letter of congratulations to be sent to the organisers of the recently held Street Choirs Festival as it had been such a resounding success. It was agreed to do this.


Minute 50

Mayoral Activity Report 

The Mayor had circulated a detailed list of her activities on behalf of Aberystwyth Town Council.


Minute 51

Minutes of a meeting of Council held on June 24th 2013 

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting with the following amendments:


Minute 52

Minutes of a Planning Committee held on 1st July  2013 

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting.








Present::Councillor Endaf Edwards

Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Brenda Haines

Councillor Chris Griffiths

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy


Apologies:Councillor Dylan Lewis

Councillor Ceredig Wyn Davies

Councillor Steve Davies

Councillor Brian Davies

Councillor Jeff Smith

Councillor Mark Strong




  1. Planning issues and Economic Development in Aberystwyth

It was asked how effective the lobbying of the developer would be following the presentation and the public displays pertaining to the Mill Street development recently would be and were the views of the public likely to be listened too. Questions regarding tree planting and employment were high on the list of concerns.

It was decided that the Town Clerk write and ask for some feedback regarding this issue.


  1. Consideration of Aberystwyth Town Council  Planning Policies

Following discussion it was agreed to some minor variations to the current policy to bring the latest revision of the document to revision number 1.3.

The document would now read thus:

Town Council Planning Policies and Procedures (Version 1.3)

(Rev 1.3) July 2013


In accordance with the Town Council’s corporate objectives, Planning Policies have been put in place that reflect the Vision for Aberystwyth. This helps ensure that the Policies, Processes & Procedures reflect the views of the Council and the community.


The Town Council was consulted on the Local Development Plan and will have regard to the LDP and subsequent supporting planning guidance in making its decisions and forming its views. However, there are additional issues that are distinctive to Aberystwyth that the Town Council may wish to highlight in its responses to individual planning applications.

The planning committee of Aberystwyth Town Council will consider all planning applications based on their individual circumstances and merits. All responses to planning applications will be based on material planning reasons (e.g. policy documents, LDP criterion, design, impact on area, traffic). 

The Town Council acknowledges that it will generally be difficult to substantiate / justify an objection to a proposal that complies with the LDP but there may be more detailed issues that they wish to comment on.

Non-material considerations (e.g. moral issues, personal circumstances, property prices) will not form any part of the response to Ceredigion County Council.


  1. Planning Policies

PP01A balance must be made between development and maintaining green space in residential areas. The Town Council notes that there is a preference for development on brownfield sites and sites designated in the LDP and that use of Greenfield sites should be minimised. The Town Council agrees that it’s a balance and that it’s important to maintain  green space, especially the more formal green space e.g. playing fields, parks, allotments etc.

PP02The Town Council recognises the need for suitable employment opportunities. It will support applications that provide such opportunities where they do not conflict with other Town Council policies. e.g. where there is an impact on amenity through traffic generation, noise etc

PP03Aberystwyth Town Council will fully support the installation of renewable energy sources and/or those which minimize carbon emissions or the use of fossil fuels, providing that such systems take full account of their visual impact and the surrounding infrastructure.

PP04The Town Council will support Planning Applications that will enhance the appearance of the Town . Any development must protect the architectural integrity of the town. Urban regeneration is to be encouraged but not to the detriment of surrounding properties. Future development that is considered premature because of the need for traffic impact studies or lack of local services and amenities should not be supported.


PP05Aberystwyth Town Council reserve the right to object to retrospective applications where it is considered they are used to “short circuit” the planning protocols.


PP06Recommendations shall have regard to any future Town Council’s Transport Plan. Where appropriate applicants should be encouraged to formulate green travel plans.


PP07The Town Council will resist changes from retail, commercial or trade use into residential occupancy unless business use is not economically viable.

PP08Any proposal for future development will be judged against relevant planning policies and,   in particular, be related to creating a sustainable residential and business environment.

PP09Aberystwyth Town Council will consistently ask for the non use of uPVC within the Aberystwyth conservation area unless it can be shown that the use of such material is beneficial to the overall project and that an undertaking is given to recycle any such materials that may be removed during the development. High quality design and use of materials that respect the existing character of fenestration and access points in the locality will be considered in all applications.


PP10Aberystwyth Town Council will encourage the use of anti roosting spikes on any development that can accommodate these items.

PP11Aberystwyth Town Council will seek to ensure that any development, either new or for alterations to existing properties, will be sympathetic with the surrounding area.

PP12Aberystwyth Town Council will consistently promote bi-lingual signage where appropriate and considers that illuminated fascia signage is likely to have a detrimental effect within the conservation area. The use of internal illumination should be limited to opening hours only.  Totem signage should be appropriate to the locality

PP13The provision of paths and cycle tracks are to be encouraged where appropriate. 

PP14All applications will have adequate storage for waste within the curtilage of the property.

PP15Aberystwyth Town Council will normally expect at least 1.5 parking places per housing unit in all new dwelling applications.

PP16All applications for Houses in Multiple Occupation will be opposed.

PP17               Aberystwyth Town Council will look for sensitive and imaginative adherence to CADW’s townscape character guidance.


  1. Planning Procedures

PR01   Aberystwyth Town Council will respond to all planning applications within the time frame stipulated by Ceredigion County Council. Where planning applications are received outside of the normal meetings cycle, non-contentious applications will be dealt with by the Town Clerk through consultation with the chairman and / or vice chairman (or all other committee members in their absence). An additional Council meeting will be called whenever there is a situation of wider public concern.

PR02The Town Council will refuse requests for meetings or comments prior to planning applications being submitted, unless the applicants are specifically directed by the Local Planning Authority to enter into pre-application consultation for the negotiation of applications.


PR03A Councillor representative will attend Development Control Committee meetings if necessary in order to put the Town Council’s views across to the Local Planning Authority. The Clerk will inform the chairman and/or vice-chairman of the Planning Committee when a planning application pertaining to the Aberystwyth Town Council area is due to be discussed at the next meeting of the County Council’s Development Control Committee. They will together agree a Town Council representative if deemed appropriate


PR04Amended Plans – these applications will appear on Council (Planning) Agendas and Minutes. The Plans will not be put on display but they will be available in the council office prior to the Council (Planning) Meeting.


PR05TPO’s and Trees in Conservation Areas – these applications will appear on Council (Planning) Agendas and Minutes. The Plans will not be put on display but they will be available in the council office prior to the Council (Planning) Meeting.


PR06Recording of Minutes  - Minutes of Planning Meetings should reflect the views of the Town Council, its policies and the community. In addition, specific references to the Local Plan and Local Development Framework policies shall be used in specific cases, which the Town Council deems necessary.


PR07The purpose of a site visit conducted by Members and officers is to gain information relating to the land or buildings which are the subject of the planning application and which would not be apparent from the planning application to be considered by the Planning Committee. A site visit may also assist Members in matters relating to the context of the application in relation to the characteristics of the surrounding area, and is an opportunity to hear the views of the members of the public, applicants and other interested parties. Members should not express an opinion on the planning application or on its merits (or otherwise) at the site visit. Discussions on site visits shall be confined to the application as currently submitted.


PR08 Applications involving buildings or structures with potential historical or archeological significance should be subject to a site visit, and if considered appropriate a request for the building or structure to be listed should be made to CADW in conjuction with Ceredigion County Council and the Aberystwyth and District Civic Society.


PR09The enhancement of recreational facilities (and other civic enhancements) is to be encouraged through the use of S.106 planning gain where appropriate.The Chief Executive officer has delegated responsibility to pursue such contributions on all relevant planning applications.


  1. Correspondence 

There was none for this committee.


  1. To consider planning applications 

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to submit the following observations to the Ceredigion County Council Planning department.


A13 0414 (dated 4th June 2013)

Erection of an extension.

Winllan, 8 Dan y Coed, Aberystwyth.

No objection.


A13 0447LB (dated 14th June 2013)

Retention of concrete slab on land currently forming part of the former Aberystwyth Town Library.

Land to the rear of the former Town Library, Corporation Street, Aberystwyth.

No objection.  However, Aberystwyth Town Council would like to encourage the use of this “slab” for the display of a piece of public art or a quiet public seating area.


A13 0448 (dated 13th June 2013)

Variation of condition 6 & 19 of planning permission A11 0361 – BREEAM certificate and parking area.

Penglais Farm, Bryn Awelon, Clarach Road, Aberystwyth.

No objection.


A13 0450 (dated 14th June 2013)

Alterations to the shopfront including n ew doors and windows, in order to subdivide the ground floor accommodation into two units.

Jim Raw Rees & Co., 1 Chalybeate Street, Aberystwyth.

No objection.  Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the use of sustainable materials in this application.


A13 0458 (dated 20th June 2013)

Variation of condition 2 of planning permission (currently 8am – 1am) 980420 to 8am – 5am.

Kebab and Burger Bar, 50 Terrace Road, Aberystwyth.

No objection.  However, it is hoped that any planning consent variations can include conditions that reflect the requirement for noise mitigation, the cleaning of the immediate vicinity of the premises, and other conditions that make the usual objections to such hours.  This is an ideal chance for Ceredigion County Council to enforce public expectation for the behaviour of late night/early morning facilities.


A13 0459 (dated 20th June 2013)

Variation of condition 1 of planning permission 950229 (Hours of opening).

Kebab and Burger Bar, 51 Great Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth.

No objection.  However, it is hoped that any planning consent variations can include conditions that reflect the requirement for noise mitigation, the cleaning of the immediate vicinity of the premises, and other conditions that make the usual objections to such hours.  This is an ideal chance for Ceredigion County Council to enforce public expectation for the behaviour of late night/early morning facilities.


A13 0460 (dated 20th June 2013)

Variation of condition 1 of 910203 to allow opening hours from 8am until 4.15am next day all week except Saturday until 4.45 next day and Sunday until 2.15 next day.

Lip Licking Chicken, 40 Pier Street, Aberystwyth.

No objection.  However, it is hoped that any planning consent variations can include conditions that reflect the requirement for noise mitigation, the cleaning of the immediate vicinity of the premises, and other conditions that make the usual objections to such hours.  This is an ideal chance for Ceredigion County Council to enforce public expectation for the behaviour of late night/early morning facilities.


A13 0471LB (dated 20th June 2013)

Closure of first floor doorway between Birkdale & next door former Town Library.

Birkdale, Corporation Street, Aberystwyth.

No objection.



A13 0502 (dated 25th June 2013)

Erection of 56 dwellings and associated works.

Land at Piercefield Lane, Penparcau, Aberystwyth.

Strongly object on the following grounds:-

1.  The site, due to its proximity to a working farm, could reasonably be considered to be totally unsuitable for such a large residential development as certain farming activities would inevitably cause complaints, and farming activities might have to be curtailed, causing a loss of farming efficiency.

2.  The current road/transport infrastructure is totally inadequate for such a large residential development and the inevitable increase in vehicular traffic in the area.

3.  There is very strong local opposition to this development on the grounds of loss of amenity.

4.  The hydrological impact of the development would have an adverse effect on the local area and on farming practice.

5.  Concern is also raised regarding the potential impact that e Coli pathogens, which can be either insect-carried or airborne, could have on habitations in close proximity to working farms, and this could have serious implications for community health and the wellbeing of a tight-knit community.

6.  The development would be totally out of character with the locality.

Aberystwyth Town Council is in receipt of a letter of objection from the Piercefield Lane Residents’ Association and the Council corporate would endorse the detailed objections raised within that correspondence.  It is understood that a copy of the letter has been sent to Ceredigion County Council Planning Department.



Minute 53

Minutes of the General Management Committee held on 8th July   2013 

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting.



Present:Councillor Ceredig Wyn Davies

Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Steve Davies

Councillor Brenda Haines

Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Mair Benjamin

Councillor Martin Shewring

Councillor Jeff Smith


Apologies:                Councillor Sarah Bowen

Councillor Mark Strong 

Councillor J Aled Davies

Councillor Mererid Jones



  1. Declarations of Interest

There were none recorded.





  1. Correspondence
  1. Wikitowns

An e mail relating to the above was noted for information. Members thought that the idea had merit and suggested that Ceredigion County Council continue to investigate the potential.


  1. Cae Kronberg

The Clerk was in receipt of the newly prepared Invite to Tender documentation as prepared by Ceredigion County Council for the project. The invites had been sent out to all interested companies. The document was in excess of 300 pages and was available to be viewed in the office.


  1. Report on new council accommodation 

Nothing had been heard to date from the owner. The Town Clerk agreed to chase this up and advise members as soon as anything was known.


  1. Updates on Resolutions

The Town Clerk stated that the new database had not been populated as he had not had the time to learn a new system and that the new system was on a programme with which he was not familiar. This would be sorted out soon.

Councillor Benjamin raised the issue regarding grit bins in Greenfield St and the Christmas crib. These issues would be followed up.


  1. Festive Lighting Infrastructure

The Town Clerk gave an update of recent events which had resulted in Gala Lights again being stopped from operating on the improvements to the break out boxes.

He indicated that a time limit had been set for Gala Lights to respond before any action could be taken.


  1. Removal of Catenary wires and lights in Aberystwyth streets

Aberystwyth Town Council had been approached by the agent of two buildings undergoing RA improvements wanting to take down and not replace the cantenary wires as part of the refurbishment. It was agreed that Town Council would not support the permanent removal of the catenary wires and the agent responsible for improvements was to be notified of the decision.

Festoon lights attached to the catenary wires are coming to the end of their serviceable life and as a consequence it was decided to investigate their replacement with possible alternative lighting with the potential of being more efficient. In the mean time it was agreed to inspect the current installation and make good any lose cables.

It was further agreed to contact local businesses and ask them if they would consider contributing towards the cost of the Christmas lights.

  1. Recycling facilities in Aberystwyth

Following recent enquiries by the Town Clerk it was revealed that the existing recycling points could be replaced with a single 1100ltr wheelie bin bottle bank supplied and serviced by Ceredigion County Council at no cost to Aberystwyth Town Council. There would be however- no payments made for the glass collected.

Members agreed that this would be acceptable and recommended the adoption of the partnership at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime the existing contract with ARC would be terminated.


  1. Aberystwyth Allotments

The Town Clerk was waiting the redrawing of plans from Ceredigion County Council. The results of soil samples were still awaited by Ceredigion County Council before any firm decisions could be made regarding the current allotment provision. Meetings of interested parties continued and the Town Clerk was shortly to go and address Faenor CC as to what was happening regarding the site on Clarach Road.


  1. Dog Fouling in Aberystwyth

The Town Clerk had written to Ceredigion County Council regarding the dog warden and the policy on fouling, but to date no replies have been received. Members were of the opinion that the Mayor should write and complain to the Chief Executive officer and note the council’s disappointment in lack of responses to communications.


  1. Wheelie Bins on Pavements in Aberystwyth

It was agreed to write to interested parties and ask them to consider the leaving of wheelie bins on pavements where they could potentially block the way for wheelchairs and pushchairs.


Minute 54

Minutes of a Finance Committee meeting held on 15th July  2013 

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to accept and adopt the minutes of the above meeting.



Present:Councillor M Jones

Councillor W Morris-Twiddy

Councillor J A Davies

Councillor E Edwards

Councillor B Haines

Councillor B Davies 

Councillor D Lewis

Councillor C Davies

Councillor R Price

Councillor A Williams


Apologies:         Councillor S Jones-Davies

Councillor M Strong



  1. Declarations of Interest

There were none recorded.

  1. External Advice Providers 

Contracts had been signed and paperwork sent by Peninsula. Copies of everything sent to date were given to each member present at the meeting. Copies would be sent to those not present.


  1. Aberystwyth Town Council website

The Town Clerk gave an update on communications with JaNET and Councillor Price gave an update on the development of the new website which would run parallel with the existing site until the new site was live.

The Town Clerk voiced concern that the new hosts were not UK based and were potentially unsafe. It is understood that the company was based in Panama City and run by Russians. Councillor Price stated that this would not be a problem as the company also had other bases which would be used.




  1. Review and adoption of accounts for April 2013

Following discussion it was agreed to receive and adopt the accounts for April 2013 subject to virement adjustment of expenditure headings for clarity. The accounts were however accurate.


  1. Review and adoption of accounts for May 2013

Following discussion it was agreed to receive and adopt the accounts for May 2013.

Questions were asked regarding the reclamation of VAT. The Clerk gave an explanation on this matter which was confirmed as correct by the chairman.


  1. Review and adoption of accounts for June 2013 

Following discussion it was agreed to receive and adopt the accounts for June 2013

It was noted that an account for £21.63 had been paid twice and that one of these amounts  had been repaid to the council. The expenditure codes on the MUGA would be vired for clarity.


  1. Welsh National Memorial- Flanders

Following discussion it was agreed to send the memorial committee an grant application form for consideration in the next financial year.


  1. Correspondence

Notice was made of the annual SLCC conference to be held in Leicester in October. The Town Clerk asked for permission to attend. Following brief discussion permission was granted.


  1. Questions relating to financial matters

Q1-What news of the new lease on Baker Street?

A1- A new draft had been received on that day and had been sent to solicitors for checking.


Q2- What was news regarding the Recycling project.

A2- Ceredigion County Council could provide a free service to Aberystwyth Town Council and this had already been agreed by the General Management committee for progress.


Q3- Had there been progress on the tree / Traffic calming measure in North Road?

A3- It was assumed that Councillor Strong was dealing with this matter as a Ceredigion County Councillor ward member.


Q4- Has the quote for the Mayoral Chain been done yet?

A4- This matter has had to be slightly delayed but will be completed shortly.


  1. Staffing matters

There was no discussion.



Minute 55

Planning applications- to consider those applications not covered in the monthly planning meeting and are time sensitive.

The Chairman and Clerk were given deferred powers to consult with members over the summer break and to submit the planning recommendations on behalf of Aberystwyth Town Council. 


Minute 56

Clerks Report

There was no separate report.


Minute 57


  1. Audit

BDO LLP, the external auditor provided a an opinion on the audit which the Town Clerk was pleased to say was completed with no significant matters of concern. Note was made as to the updating of the asset register to record the purchase cost of historical items.


  1. Brass band competition.

A letter was received from Mr H T Jones asking for consideration of funding a potenetial Brass Band competition in the town.

It was decided to advise Mr Jones as to the protocols and ask him to complete an application form for next years grant.


  1. Ceredigion County Council Grant

It was RESOLVED to apply for the grant of £500 towards enhancing the Aberystwyth Town Council website being offered by Ceredigion County Council on behalf of the Welsh Government.


  1. Property Question.

A firm of local solicitors wrote to ask if Aberystwyth Town Council had any interest in a property in Trinity Road. It was agreed to answer in the negative.

  1. Welsh Government reply

A reply regarding the replacement of the Pelican Crossing in Gt. Darkgate Street was received. It has been supplemented by an e mail from an official at the TRA that work on a replacement crossing would start soon.


  1. Castle CCTV

A letter from Ceredigion County Council was received where it stated that the above project would not be allowed to progress until Aberystwyth Town Council had paid the bill for costs in the Aberystwyth CCTV scheme.

The Clerk explained that he had personally been to see the assistant Director , HPW regarding this matter and had asked for matters to be progressed in Februalry and that the officer in question had been told in a meeting in January to send bills to Town and Community Councils for consideration in their precepts. Nothing had been forthcoming. Other towns had not received bills either and consequently no provison had been made in the precepts. Consequently nothing had been received until June when the precepting exercise had been completed.

Members were of the opinion that this was comparable to blackmail and the Town Clerk was asked to hold urgent meetings with Ceredigion County Council to make progress in this matter.


  1. Acknowledgement of letter

Acknowledgement was received from Ceredigion County Council chief executive relating to a letter sent voicing concern regarding the use of CPO’s.


  1. Dyfi Biosphere.

A letter was received asking opinion on whether Aberystwyth should be integrated into the Dyfi Biosphere (DB) plan or be given individual status as part of the DB management and marketing plan.

Following a short discussion it was decided to as for Aberystwyth to be integrated into the plan.





Minute 58

Questions relating only to matters in this Councils remit

Q1- Had CADW been invited to address council yet?

A1- Not yet as the Clerk was still awaiting the contact details of the lady who had suggested coming to a meeting.


Q2- What progress regarding the draft lease?

A2- The matter was in hand and the new draft lease was recently received and was with the solicitor for checking.


Minute 59

To consider expenditure  

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to make the following payments in the sum of £27,86512. It was also asked that the amount to the Aberystwyth University be checked and adjusted if necessary..



Amount £






CGC Properties

North Rd Maintainance 2013



Playsafe Ltd

Playground maitainance course and exam




Bottle Bank Emptying June 2013



Konica Minolta

Hire of PC machine



Purchase Power

Postage charges



Aber University

Tiour series sponsorship



WPS Insurance

Renewal of insurance 2013/14



Menter Aberystwyth

Summer Ents 2013



Carm CC

Salaries June 2013



Martin Shewring

Travel to course in Telford



Wendy Morris-Twiddy 

Travel to duties in Cardigan
















Minute 60

Verbal Reports from Ceredigion County Councillors only on matters pertaining to this Council

Councillor Alun Williams reported on the latest regarding the traffic Orders review and he also gave information regarding the proposed hourly train service and how the minister had asked for evidence of need for the service.


Minute 61

Written reports from representatives to outside bodies 

Reports were received from:

Aberystwyth Esquel people in Partnership Assoc.- Councillor Endaf Edwards

Aberystwyth GAG – Councillor Endaf Edwards

Aberystwyth Fairtrade Group- Councillor Mererid Jones

Aberystwyth Traffic Committee- Councillor Mair Benjamin


Minute 62

RA Board Report- Councillor Alun Williams

Councillor Alun Williams gave an update on the recent ministerial decision to change the focus of funding and the implications for Aberystwyth.




Minute 63

Notice Boards at the request of Councillor Sue Jones Davies

Councillor Sur Jones-Davies suggested that the notice board next to the bus stop in North Parade could be used for diplaying public notices.

It was RESOLVED to write to Ceredigion County Council and aske their permission to use this unit for public benefit.


Minute 64

Agenda order at the request of Councillor Carys Morgan

Councillor Carys Morgan suggested that in order to allow extra time for more important issues the agenda items submitted by Councillors should be moved away from the end of the agenda and that reports and items that didn’t need a response be pushed towards the end of the agenda.

Following discussion it was RESOLVED to experiment with this idea to test its usefulness.


Minute 65

Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery at the request of Councillor Mererid Jones

No responses had been received to date and Councillor Jones would continue to wait for responses.