Aberystwyth Council






Councillor Dylan Lewis

Councillor Mair Benjamin

Councillor J Aled Davies

Councillor Chris Griffiths

Councillor Mark Strong

Councillor Jeff Smith

Councillor Ceredig Wyn Davies

Councillor Endaf Edwards

Councillor Brenda Haines

Councillor Mererid Jones

Councillor Brian Davies

Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Alun Williams



Councillor Carys Morgan

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Steve Davies


In Attendance:

Mr Ray Quant - Menter Aberystwyth

Mrs Eluned Lewis – Menter Aberystwyth


Minute 146

Declarations of Interest for matters arising from agenda items

There were none recorded.


Minute 147

A Presentation from Menter Aberystwyth

Mr Ray Quant and Mrs Eluned Lewis gave a presentation on the work and aspirations of Menter Aberystwyth. Members were provided with a hard copy of abid for funding in order to realise those expectations.

There then followed questions and answers.


Minute 148

Personal References

There were none recorded.


Minute 149

Mayoral Activity Report 

The Mayor submitted a report on his recent activities on behalf of Council.


Minute 150

Minutes of a meeting of Council held on 17th December  2012 

It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes of the meeting held on the 17th December as a true record subject to the following changes:

  • To amend the present and apologies list to show Cllrs Dylan Lewis and Wendy Morris-Twiddy as absent due to illness.
  • To show Councillor Mair Benjamin present at the Planning meeting held on 3rd December.
  • That Councillor Alun Williams actually chaired the meeting despite being shown as not present.

The Clerk apologised for these mistakes.


Minute 151

Minutes of a Planning Committee held on 7th January 2013 

It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on the 7th January 2013.

A meeting of the Planning Committee held on Monday 7th January 2013 in the Committee room, 11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth at 6.30pm



Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Jeff Smith

Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Mair Benjamin

Councillor Brenda Haines

Councillor Endaf Edwards

Councillor Brian Davies

Councillor Martin Shewring

Councillor Mark Strong

Councillor Steve Davies


Councillor Dylan Lewis

Councillor W Morris-Twiddy

Councillor Ceredig Davies


  1. Declarations of Interest.

There were none recorded.


  1. Planning issues and Economic Development in Aberystwyth

A copy of the new Aberystwyth Shopfront & Commercial Facade Design Guide was received in the office and electronic copies had been requested for information of members. These would be distributed as soon as they arrived.


  1. Correspondence 
  1. An e mail from One Voice Wales giving details of a ministerial edict was reported in so much that unitary authority planning departments were given the following advice:


A new Welsh national planning policy document which states that economic benefits should be given the same consideration as social and environmental issues when councils are drawing up local plans has been published.
The Welsh government's updated Planning Policy Wales provides the policy framework for the preparation of local planning authorities’ development plans.
The document states that local planning authorities "should recognise that there will be occasions when the economic benefits [of a scheme] will outweigh social and environmental considerations".
The policy also states that:
Plans and decisions should be also be based on up-to-date and locally specific evidence which demonstrates the suitability of the existing employment land supply in relation to the requirements of business.
As part of the process of establishing a local evidence base, local planning authorities should undertake, and keep under review, an employment land review that is relevant to prevailing market conditions and the requirements of the development plan.
It also stipulates that council planning departments should support the move towards a low carbon economy by, for example, encouraging the development of clusters of industrial and commercial uses that derive environmental benefit from co-location.

Planning departments are also instructed by the document to look favourably on proposals for new on-site low carbon energy generation such as energy from waste facilities.

The policy also states that in instances where development plan policies are "outdated or superseded", local planning authorities should give them decreasing weight in favour of other material considerations, such as national planning policy, in the determination of individual applications.


  1. To consider planning applications 



Display of Signage

New Look, 40 Gt Darkgate Street, Aberystwyth

OBJECTION- This plan does not fit in with the new guidelines for “traditional” shop fronts, is not sustainable. There is no precedent and does not fit into the overall character of the area.




Creation of separate entrance on ground floor with minor internal alterations. Replacement of windows and doors, re-slating of roof and removal of chimney.

11 Baker Street, Aberystwyth

NO OBJECTION- in so far as the removal of the chimney does not contravene Ceredigion County Council planning policy on the retention and maintenance of chimneys.




Change of use of 1st and 2nd floor into 2 flats. Demolition of rear flat roof building and erection of first floor extension to form additional flat. Refurb. of rear cottage and associated work.

51 Great Darkgate St, Aberystwyth.

Is this a retrospective application?  NO OBJECTION- As long as there is adequate storage on site for waste and historical architecture is not removed. Lack of parking provision!  Aberystwyth Town Council welcomes the improvements.



A 120858

Change of use of ground, first and second floors to main building from class D1 into a single dwelling. Proposed change of use of two storey rear annexe into 2 self contained flats.

49 North Parade, Aberystwyth.





Demolition of single story extension and outbuildings and erection of two storey extensionto provide a total of 4 flats

61 Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth

OBJECTION- But if this development is allowed it is strongly recommended that officers regularly inspect the works to ensure that the build and specification comply with the listed building requirements. The use of uPVC is not acceptable in this development and the specification does not match or reflect the detail in the application. There are many contradictory statements.


Minute 152

Minutes of the General Management Committee held on 14th January 2013 

It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on the 14th January 2013.





Councillor Dylan Lewis

Councillor Wendy Morris-Twiddy

Councillor Brian Davies

Councillor J Aled Davies

Councillor Steve Davies

Councillor Kevin Price

Councillor Mair Benjamin

Councillor Mark Strong

Councillor Jeff Smith

Councillor Mererid Jones

Councillor Martin Shewring

Councillor Chris Griffiths



Councillor Sue Jones-Davies

Councillor Endaf Edwards

Councillor Ceredig Wyn Davies


  1. Declarations of Interest

There were none recorded.


  1. Correspondence

a)- CCTV  in Aberystwyth

An e mail from Mr Keith Morgan HPW was noted. It referred to a forthcoming meeting of the CCTV forum and was in reply to questions relating to CCTV costs to Aberystwyth Town Council. A copy to be sent to the rep, Councillor M Shewring.


  1. Report on Christmas Activities arranged by Aberystwyth Town Council 

It was reported that the Carol and lights event and he senior citizens luncheon had gone well and financial reports would be forthcoming.


  1. Report on Recycling Bins in Aberystwyth

The Town Clerk was still awaiting contacts from alternative recycling firms in the locality.


  1. Report on Senior Citizen Christmas Dinners.

Those who attended said that the event was the best yet and that Lunchtime seemed to be the better option for all concerned.

The singing group Scarmes had been a huge success and much appreciated.


  1. Report on new council accommodation 

The Town Clerk reported that he had sent in a bid to the new property manager based in Derby and to date had not had any response. The bid was based on the costing exercise recently carried out.




  1. Forthcoming Welsh Guards Parade

The Town Clerk reported that there had been very little information forthcoming from the Welsh Guards themselves and all he knew was that the parade would march behind the regimental band through Aberystwyth on Wednesday 30th January from the TA centre and halt in North Parade at 12 noon to be addressed by the Mayor before marching off again. A meeting with traffic officers from Ceredigion County Council HPW department, Trunk roads officer and the police was organised and that it was a shame that all this had been arranged at the last minute by the Welsh Guards.

It was likely that there would be a small cost implication which at this time was unknown for the town due to road closure notices and the like. It was resolved to pay these costs.


  1. CCTV in Aberystwyth- Aberystwyth Town Council role.

It was reported that there was to be a meeting soon of the CCTV forum and that Councillor Shewring who was the rep was to ascertain the method of costing transmission costs as it was suggested that these would be much less for Aberystwyth compared to other towns further away and he was to report back to council on how these costs were worked out before consideration of any payments were made.


  1. Christmas Lights 2013

All lights had been removed and the faulty lights had been labelled. Following discussion it was RESOLVED not to have them repaired. The tree was to removed shortly and planked and the intention was for the planks to be used to construct a crib for public display during future Christmas events.


  1. Nightime Economy funding / Ceredigion County Council partnership

Councillor J A Davies suggested that funding this item should be cut now that the award had been realised and it was suggested that partnership funding should be considered on a needs basis as and when requested. It was noted that the annual funding of £14,000 was not budgeted for in the draft budget.


  1. Consideration of items for forthcoming estimates for 2013

It was reported that the final draft of the next budget would be presented to the next Finance committee. There were no additions to the draft suggested.


  1. Membership of the Cynghrair Cymunedau Cymraeg at the request of Councillor Jeff Smith- No information supplied.

Councillor Jeff Smith made a short presentation on this group and circulated a paper. Following a discussion it was RESOLVED to join the group at no cost to Aberystwyth Town Council and Councillor Jeff Smith was to be the council’s representative.


  1. Updates on Resolutions

The Chairman was on holiday and this had not been completed.



Minute 153

Minutes of a Finance Committee meeting held on 21st January 2013 

It was RESOLVED to accept the minutes as a true record of the meeting held on the 21st  January 2013 with the exception of minute 8 (Budget)




Councillor M Jones

Councillor W Morris-Twiddy

Councillor S Jones-Davies

Councillor  A Williams

Councillor J A Davies

Councillor E Edwards

Councillor M Strong

Councillor  M Shewring

Councillor B Davies



Councillor C Morgan

Councillor C Davies

Councillor M Benjamin

Councillor  D Lewis



  1. Declarations of Interest

There were none recorded.


  1. Correspondence


  1. SLA Carmarthen CC salary service.

It was agreed to enter into a service level agreement with Carmarthen CC to ensure continuity for salary services.


  1. Public Convenience takeover.

An invitation to begin talks regarding taking over public convenience s in Aberystwyth was received from Ceredigion County Council. Following discussion it was RESOLVED not to show interest in this proposal.


c)- Afan Construction

There would be no charge for storage of lighting for the next quarter in lieu of a dmaged container which had been replaced.


  1. Licence agreement on 11 Baker St.

Ceredigion County Council had enquired as to the disposition of the council’s accommodation. A firm reply would be sent following the meeting with the property agent.


  1. Land adjoining Catholic Church, Penparcau.

A proposal for Aberystwyth Town Council to take control of a recreation area in a new development was discussed. Following a long discussion it was resolved to seek clarification on whether the development was linked in any way to the new church and if it was to decline the offer.


  1. Questions relating to financial matters

Q1- What is the latest on the Cae Kronberg Project?

A1-In the last week both Dr Bullen and the Town Clerk had undergone a 90 minute teleconference with the National Lottery to do a pre decision assessment. This was perceived a positive move in the right direction.


  1. To accept a brief report on an internal audit carried out in January 2013

Councillor M Jones reported that she had carried out an internal audit in January and that she had reviewed the accounts for August, September, October and November and have found that they agreed to the bank and underlying invoices.

There were no issues to report.




  1. To receive a report on investments

The Town Clerk reported that he had recently, following resolution, had a meeting with the bank to discuss accounts and interest rates. The bank had agreed to review the accounts and interest rates and advise the Clerk on progress once this review was complete.


  1. Christmas costs

The overall costs for general Christmas expenditure was lower than last year. The Senior Citizens Christmas dinners had been a great success.  Further invoices were awaited for Christmas lighting, but initial costs were showing an overall cut in costs compared to last year.

A final account would be published once the final invoices were received.


  1. Council accommodation report

The Town Clerk had approached the new property manager who was due in Aberystwyth in the near future. A full report would be forthcoming once further details had been received.


  1. To accept and recommend a budget for 2013/4

The final draft budget as agreed in previous meetings was presented to members.

Following a final “tweak” it was resolved to recommend the budget to a meeting of Aberystwyth Town Council for acceptance and ratification.


Minute 154

Planning applications- to consider those applications not covered in the monthly planning meeting and are time sensitive.

There were none to consider at this meeting.


Minute 155

Clerks Report

The Clerk reminded members that he would appreciate a response for names on a forthcoming Planning Training course to be held on the 4th of March 2013 in Aberystwyth.


Minute 156

Request for permission to attend CPD events from the Town Clerk- Information enclosed.

The Clerk had submitted a case for the attendance at a Practitioners conference and an Allotment Managers course.

Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the Clerk attend both events.


Minute 157


  1. Regeneration Board

An e mail confirming that a public consultation was to be held in May or June this year was received.


  1. New Development

The naming of a new development in Min y Ddol was to be called Ger y Ddol. Members RESOLVED to accept this name.


  1. Adoption of Gwel Afon, Penparcau.

Members RESOLVED to accept the adoption of the above named road in Penparcau.


  1. Min y Ddol Recreation Ground.

The above area was now registered with the land registry.




  1. War Memorial Trust

Following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED that Councillor Brenda Haines join Cllrds Ceredig Davies and Mark Strong as a trustee.

  1. Renewal Area Maintenance week.

Members were reminded of a request for Aberystwyth Town Council to join as a partner. Members asked why Aberystwyth Town Council was being asked and in what guise?

The Town Clerk would make further enquiries.


  1. Ceredigion for all-SIP consultation.

Members were reminded that this document was now in the office should anyone wish to comment. 


Minute 158

Questions relating only to matters in this Councils remit

Q1- What has happened regarding the potential twinning with Arklow?

A1- We are still consulting with potential interested partners.


Minute 159

To consider expenditure  



Amount £





Empty recycling bins - Dec 2012



Hire of accommodation


Purchase Power

Rental for franking machine + postage


Carmarthenshire County Council

Salaries -  December 2012


Konica Minolta

Hire of photocopier


Konica Minolta

Photocopying charges


Cllr Martin Shewring

Attending CCTV meeting in Aberaeron on 21.1.13


Vision ICT Ltd

Website hosting - July 2012 to June 2013


TME Electrical Contracting Ltd

Disconnect and remove Christmas lights


The Royal British Legion

Donation to Remembrance Parade












Minute 160

Verbal Reports from Ceredigion County Councillors only on matters pertaining to this Council


Min 161

Written reports from representatives to outside bodies

CCTV Committee-Councillor  Martin Shewring- Enclosed

Traffic Management committee- Councillor  M Shewring- Enclosed.

Both reports were received.





Minute 162

RA Board Report- Councillor Alun Williams

Councillor Williams gave a comprehensive overview of the current disposition of considerations in front of the board.



Minute 163

Adoption of National Public Service Complaints Policy

This matter was referred back to the GM committee for consideration.


Minute 164

Civic Medal / award at the request of the Mayor

This matter was referred to a future meeting of the GM committee when more information was available.


Minute 165

Motion at the request of Councillor M Shewring- Reinstatement of NJC Mileage rate- 

Councillor Shewring suggested that members expenses should reflect the national rate.

Following discussion it was RESOLVED that there should be no increase from the one approved by Aberystwyth Town Council.


Minute 166

Motion at the request of Councillor J Aled Davies- North Road Maze- Confirmation of commencement.

Councillor Davies suggested that he could postpone the works on the North Road maze project until the new financial year. Members were of the opinion that the work should commence as soon as possible to mitigate further damage to the square.

Following discussion it was RESOLVED that the maze works should be completed in the current financial year.


Minute 167

Council Accommodation- An update.

The Town Clerk gave an update on the proposed visit by the new property agent.in the coming week. It was hoped that a personal vist would help explain some of the concerns of Council.

In the meantime some members had discussed alternative locations as a fall back if the Baker Street project did not work.

The Town Clerk agreed to keep the steering group informed.


Minute 168

To consider that under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 (as extended by s.100 a (4) of the Local Government Act 1972), the public and accredited representatives of newspapers be excluded from the meeting for the following items of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 The nature of the exempt business is relating to the discussion of a complaint.


Following a brief discussion it was RESOLVED to exclude all non members

The Clerk also left the meeting


Minute 169

Staffing Matters

It was resolved for the Mayor to write a letter on behalf of Aberystwyth Town Council to apologise for breach of protocol.
Further, to invite LLanbadarn Community Council to meet with the Town Council to discuss options for working together.
It was discussed that the Mayor need further guidance from the Mayor's secretary for asking for permission.

The second matter : A complaint was referred  to the Staffing Committee to discuss and feedback to the next full council meeting.

It was drawn to the attention of all members that this matter was confidential.


Meeting ended at 21.50