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Mayor of Aberystwyth

Councillor Talat Chaudhri is the current Mayor of Aberystwyth, who assumed office in May 2018 and will serve until May 2019. The Deputy Mayor for 2018-19 is Councillor Mari Turner. A list of past Mayors of Aberystwyth is available.

About Talat Chaudhri, Mayor 2018-19

Mayor, Dr Talat Chaudhri
Mayor, Dr Talat Chaudhri, Wikipedia

Talat Chaudhri is a linguist whose research area is primarily in the field of Brittonic Celtic linguistics. He came to Aberystwyth in 1998 to study for his MA in Welsh Language and Literature and then completed a PhD in the historical phonology of the Cornish language in 2007. He is a British Punjabi. He has taught Welsh and Breton to adults and now works in technology and information science. He is committed to promoting diversity and has worked all his life against prejudice and discrimination of all kinds. Carolyn Hodges is the Mayoress. She is an editor working for the Welsh publisher Y Lolfa.

Mayoral Charities

The Mayor's two charities of the year are Aberaid and Mind Aberystwyth. Aberaid has worked ceaselessly to assist families from the Syrian war. Aberystwyth was the first town in Great Britain and Northern Ireland to welcome refugees. Mind Aberystwyth works to help people with mental help issues, a growing issue from which the mayor would like to help remove the social stigma and provide support from those that suffer from it.

The Office of Mayor of Aberystwyth

The office of The Worshipful The Mayor of the Borough of Aberystwyth goes back many centuries. A list of past Mayors of Aberystwyth is available.

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