Aberystwyth Council

A New Brand for the County

Ceredigion County Council have developed a new brand for the county and have released the following document about it.

  1. The Vision

    To inspire the public, businesses, organisations and staff to change their behaviour and encourage them to take action that is beneficial for them and for Ceredigion.

  2. Business Case

    Economic times are tough and Ceredigion County Council (CCC) need to aim to save an expected £8.6m this year, meaning that it will need to find significant additional savings, and change the way it works.

    Caru Ceredigion has been developed by CCC to further inspire the public, businesses, organisations and staff to change their behaviour and encourage them to take action that is beneficial for them and for Ceredigion.

    Caru Ceredigion will build on previous work done, and will provide an opportunity to increase its visibility and use further.

    Caru Ceredigion supports the delivery of CCC’s Improvement Plan, primarily by contributing to achieving the following outcomes / objectives:

    • The Council is an organisation fit for purpose to deliver improving services to meet the needs of our citizens.
    • The Council will provide services that contribute to a healthy environment, healthier lives and protect those who are vulnerable in the County.

    Caru Ceredigion is also aligned with the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act and also the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act (WFGA) goals which are:

    • A prosperous Wales
    • A resilient Wales
    • A healthier Wales
    • A more equal Wales
    • A Wales of cohesive communities
    • A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language
    • A globally responsible Wales

    It will also reflect the Sustainable Development Principles as identified in the WFGA. They are:

    1. Long Term - The importance of balancing short-term needs with the need to safeguard the ability to also meet long-term needs.
    2. Prevention - How acting to prevent problems occurring or getting worse may help public bodies meet their objectives.
    3. Integration - Considering how the public body’s well-being objectives may impact upon each of the well-being goals, on their other objectives, or on the objectives of other public bodies.
    4. Collaboration - Acting in collaboration with any other person (or different parts of the body itself) that could help the body to meet its well-being objectives.
    5. Involvement - The importance of involving people with an interest in achieving the well-being goals, and ensuring that those people reflect the diversity of the area which the body serves.

    The Caru Ceredigion initiative has been agreed and adopted by the Local Service Board, now the Public Service Board (PSB).

  3. What we want to achieve:

    Inspire the public to make a difference by:

    • Getting actively and positively involved.
    • Having realistic expectations.
    • Encouraging every generation to get involved – everyone can do something.
    • Working together to make it a healthier environment to live in and promote sustainable living.
    • Developing new and enhancing relationships with key stakeholders such as local health boards, voluntary organisations, partner organisations, land owners.
  4. How we will do this – telling our story:

    • We want to inspire and appeal to more people in Ceredigion to connect with and get their support with this new way of working.
    • We live in a beautiful part of Wales – it’s an amazing place to live. We want people to appreciate how lucky they are and to take responsibility for their county and how they live within it.
    • We are all responsible for our own future – by working together, individuals, schools, communities, businesses, the Council and charities can unite to make Ceredigion an even healthier and better place to live.
  5. Project team structure:

    • Accountable – Gerwyn Jones / Siwan Davies
    • Responsible – Dana Thomas / Katy Spain
    • Consulted – Staff where Caru Ceredigion is used alongside their work / PSB
    • Informed – Staff within the Council / Councillors / Press / Public / Partners
  6. Our logo

    The logo has been designed to represent the sky, the sea and the land which are key features of Ceredigion. The Council Crest will always be the main logo and always come first on any document and correspondence. The Caru Ceredigion will work alongside the Crest.