Aberystwyth Council

A Great Time for Twinning in Aberystwyth!

Arklow: Our New Twin Town

Aberystwyth has recently agreed to sign a charter of friendship with Arklow, which will become our newest twin town in 2016. It marks an important milestone in our long-standing relationship over many years, particularly through the strong nautical traditions of both towns and the efforts of our rowing fraternities.

Arklow is a coastal town in County Wicklow on the east coast of Ireland. It has forged a close relationship with Aberystwyth through the Celtic Challenge boat race in which teams from both towns row competitively across the Irish sea from Arklow to Aberystwyth, a distance of about 90 nautical miles. It is the world’s longest true rowing race and has been the basis of friendship and cooperation between the two towns for many years.

Please contact Aberystwyth Rowing Club on Facebook to get involved.

Jean Guezennec Given the Freedom of the Borough

Monsieur Jean Guezennec of St Brieuc will be awarded the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Aberystwyth in June 2016. Monsieur Guezennec has given over 40 years of service to town twinning since St Brieuc became Aberystwyth's first twin town in 1974. It was previously awarded for similar long service to Herr Fritz Pratschke of Krönberg, another of our twin towns, in 2011.

Aberystwyth Council holds the Borough Charter in trust for the town, granted in 1277 by King Edward I and subsequently confirmed by monarchs including Edward III, Richard II, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Henry VIII and the present Queen Elizabeth II. Although the powers of the borough were transferred to the county council in 1974, the formal status and honours remain with the town council. It holds the power to grant the Honorary Freedom of the Borough as an exceptional and rare distinction. Holders have included British Prime Ministers such as David Lloyd George, Stanley Baldwin and Sir Winston Churchill (pictured with award), as well as the Regiment of the Welsh Guards and many of the distinguished founders of the University of Wales and the National Library of Wales.