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A Great Time for Twinning in Aberystwyth!

Aberystwyth has recently agreed to sign a charter of friendship with Arklow, which will become our newest twin town in 2016.

This is in the same year that Monsieur Jean Guezennec of St Brieuc will be awarded the Honorary Freedom of the Borough of Aberystwyth, in June. Monsieur Guezennec has given over 40 years of service to town twinning since St Brieuc became Aberystwyth's first twin town in 1974. Aberystwyth Council holds the Borough Charter first granted in 1277 in trust for the town, under which the Freedom has previously been given to a number of famous individuals of national importance.

Business Improvement District (BID) for Aberystwyth

Businesses in Aberystwyth are being asked to consider establishing a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2016. Aberystwyth Council has passed a vote of support for the BID initiative

A Great Town To Be

In 2014-15, Aberystwyth gained recognition by winning the Great Town award for its outstanding work in promoting its location, economy and community. The Academy of Urbanism selected Aberystwyth as the winner from a shortlist of other towns such as Beverley in Yorkshire and Bury in Lancashire. The Mayor of Aberystwyth said

Aberystwyth Welcomes Railway Lines Proposal

Aberystwyth Council hosted a meeting with about a hundred people in the Morlan, Aberystwyth, almost all in favour of reopening the Aberystwyth –Carmarthen train line. In association with Traws Link Cymru, the Council was eager to hear the views of members of the public in order to gauge

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